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Yokohama Research Center

Providing Society with Products for “Human Health and Food Safety”!

JNC's Yokohama Research Center is located in scenic Kanazawa-Hakkei, a suburb of Yokohama, Japan.
Our goal is life-chemical technology, marketing and business development.

Current focus areas include application development and technical services for ε-polylysine, which is a natural food preservative, development of sheet culture media for detecting microorganisms for inspecting foods and environment contaminants, development of diagnosis kits for diagnosing animal and human diseases, development and technical services for chromatography media (Cellufine) for biomedical pharmaceuticals and vaccine purification, and development of column filter systems.
In addition, we are developing cellulose monolith as a purification substrate and molecular imaging technology using luminescent proteins and substrates.
In the future, Yokohama Research Center will continue to expand its responsibilities by investigating and researching various early-stage opportunities focusing on life chemicals.

Main R&D Products

Chromatography Media 'Cellufine', Microbial Detection Sheets 'MC-Media Pad'

  • Polylysine
  • Microbial Detection Sheets
  • Chromatography Media

Yokohama Research Center Map

Address 5-1, Okawa, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama 236-8605
Phone +81-45-786-5501
FAX +81-45-786-5511
アクセス 10-minute walk from Kanazawahakkei Station on the Keikyu Line
20-minute walk from Kanazawabunko Station on the Keikyu Line