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Fibers and Nonwovens

JNC is a pioneer who started the world’s first commercial production of a polyolefin-based thermo-bondable bi-component fiber known as “ES FIBER.” The through-air nonwoven fabric “EsSoft” using “ES FIBER” as materials has features of high bulkiness and soft texture, and is used in a wide range of products essential to daily living, such as disposable diapers, sanitary goods, filters, and so forth. Our production and sales bases are located in Europe and America, China, Thailand and Japan for the bi-component fiber, and in China, Thailand and Japan for the through-air nonwoven fabric, and we are developing business on a global scale. Our company is currently working on enhancing and expanding our business domain, while globally expanding our existing business. We have started production and sales of “ELfino” using the melt-blown method and started sample introduction of the nanofiber product “Elfa” to search for markets and applications for utilizing our company’s technology.

  • ES FIBER(Bi-component fiber)
  • EsSoft (Through-air nonwoven fabric)
  • Elfa(Bi-component melt-blown nonwovens)
  • Elfa(Nanofiber products)

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Fibers & Fabrics Div.

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ES Indorama Ventures Co.,Ltd.

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JCAM AGRI. CO., LTD. of JNC Group conducts production and sales of fertilizers. JCAM AGRI was established in 2009.
The main products include advanced compound fertilizers, coated fertilizers and coated composite fertilizers, and other products include slow-release fertilizers CDU®/IBDU®, gardening culture soil (YOSAKU) and culture soil for paddy rice.
In particular, the coated fertilizers are highly functional and high value-added fertilizers that can control elution of fertilizer ingredients by coating of resins.
By using coated fertilizers, you can reduce the fertilizing frequency and the amount of fertilizer you apply, leading to labor-savings and reduced environmental impact.
In addition, the newly developed J-Coat® has received good evaluation as an environmentally friendly and reduced-plastic product. For inquiries and details, please contact JCAM AGRI.

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JCAM AGRI. Co., Ltd.

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Resin Mold Products

JNC Corporation produces material products within the plastic processing field for everyday living, agriculture, and marine products processing.
We manufacture highly processed products such as films, resin bags, PP sheets, Screen for drying laver, and other plastic molded products.

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What sets us apart is the ability to provide products with the stable and highly reliable quality and excellent function you expect from Japanese products, thanks to a system where all processes from raw material procurement to filter formation can be completed within the JNC Group.
Products of JNC FILTER are used in a wide range of fields, including the chemical industry, electronics and semiconductors, automotive, foods, medical care, and cosmetics.

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