R&D/Production Technology

Pioneer of Japanese Chemical Industry

Research and Development

In the past, into the future

JNC's founder Shitagau Noguchi, also known as "the father of electrochemistry," was constantly aware of the trend of the times and introduced technologies and products conforming to the customers' needs, such as successfully manufacturing synthetic ammonia using the Casale process for the first time in the world in 1923, and starting manufacture of vinyl chloride resin in 1941.
We have inherited the gene for this pioneering spirit and have constantly lead Japan’s chemical industry by producing octanol, DOP, advanced compound fertilizers and ultra-high-purity metallic silicon for the first time in Japan in the post-war period.
Today, in order to satisfy the ever-diversifying and advancing needs of society, we focus on research and development for "electronic information technology for realizing an advanced information society," "energy-related technology in response to resource depletion of fossil fuels and global warming," and "life chemical-related products for enriching lifestyles."
We constantly hold high awareness for social contribution and promote research and development in hopes of realizing our dreams.

Production Technology

To surmount international competition

The entire company engages in reinforcing production technology through "RJ (Reinforcement of JNC Technology) activity" in order to enhance our global competitiveness.
The RJ activity has two objectives.
The first objective is to create innovative production technology to improve productivity by a large margin, and the second objective is to further accelerate actions for creating new businesses through cooperation between the Corporate Research and Development Division and the Production Technology Department.