Privacy Policy

JNC CORPORATION will protect personal information in accordance with the following "personal data protection policy established as a part of its corporate compliance system.

1. Implementation of the compliance program for personal information protection

JNC Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "JNC") complies with the law related to personal information and continues to improve corporate systems by publicizing the compliance program for personal information protection (including this corporate policy, the in-house regulations concerning personal information protection, and other rules/regulations).
It is our social responsibility to protect personal information provided from all individuals (hereinafter referred to as "individual"), and we determined the handling method of personal information as follows.

2. Organization

JNC selected the supervisor for personal information management and the responsible person for personal information handling to appropriately manage personal information.

3. Collection and use of personal information

JNC collects personal information through legal and fair procedures, and uses such information only for the objectives which are noticed or announced in advance, as needed for our business.

4. Provision of personal information to third parties

JNC does not provide personal information to third parties, except in the following circumstances:

  • With the consent of the individual who provided the information.
  • Pursuant to laws and regulations.
  • When required to prevent harm to human life, body, or property, and consent of the individual who provided the information is difficult to obtain.
  • When especially required to promote improvement of public health or sound child-raising, and consent of the individual who provided the information is difficult to obtain.
  • When required to cooperate with a national or local government body, or a person or organization acting on behalf of such a body, in the execution of duties determined by laws and regulations, and obtaining the consent of the individual who provided the information risks obstructing the execution of the relevant duties.
  • In situations where the purpose of joint use of personal information, items used, scope of users, purpose of use, etc. is notified or easily ascertained.
  • When providing such information to outsourcing vendors within the scope required to fulfill the purpose of use.

5. Joint use of personal information

JNC may, as required, make joint use of personal information obtained from customers, business partners, etc. as follows:

  • Information used: company name, affiliation, position, name, address, telephone number, email address
  • Scope of users: JNC, JNC's holding company Chisso Corporation, and consolidated subsidiaries listed in Chisso Corporation's Annual Securities Report (Yukashoken Hokokusho).
  • Purpose of use by such users: to beneficially and appropriately provide services related to JNC's business to customers, business partners, etc.
  • Party responsible for management of personal information: JNC Corporation

6. Secure management of personal information

JNC takes necessary and appropriate measures to securely manage personal information, including steps to prevent illegal access, loss, theft, destruction, falsification, and leakage. JNC also ensures necessary and appropriate supervision when outsourcing the handling of personal information.

7. Inquiries regarding personal information

If an individual desires JNC to disclose, correct, suspend use of, or delete personal information he or she has provided, JNC will respond promptly to a reasonable extent in accordance with stipulated internal procedures. JNC has established a personal information help desk to respond to inquiries from individuals regarding personal information.


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