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Liquid Crystal

We manufacture and sell liquid crystals, alignment materials and thermosetting materials used in liquid crystal displays.
Liquid crystal displays are used in smartphones, notebook PCs, televisions, etc. which are indispensable to modern society.
By always satisfying the demand from our customers, we respond to the latest display products and also answer to the needs of everyone in society.

  • Liquid Crystal
  • Aligment Materials
  • Thermosetting Materials

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Liquid Crystals Div.

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IT Materials

We will widely respond to the needs of our customers and society by providing organic EL materials, printed electronics ink, highly transparent heat-resistant silicon materials, etc. for displays and various devices which are essential in an increasingly highly advanced information society for 5G technology, AI, etc. Moreover, we will work on unique product development for organic silicon which is used in various applications.

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IT Materials Div.

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