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Greetings from the President

CEO & President

Keizo Yamada

We at JNC Group have consistently contributed to social development as a pioneer of our country’s chemical industry, ever since we founded Sogi Electric Company in 1906 for expanding renewable energy produced by hydraulic power generation into the electrochemical field and developing domestically-produced nitrogen fertilizers. Our steadfast mission is to realize an affluent lifestyle by solving our customers’ challenges and meeting society’s needs, performing manufacturing in harmony with the global environment, and developing talented employees capable of being successful around the world, in order to establish a sustainable society.

The environment that surrounds us has undergone major changes with the progress of digital technology, and we have great expectations for just how far the spatiotemporal expansion will continue. In order to maintain our position as “a leading chemical company that aims to contribute to society’s progress through superior technology” in any environment despite the increasing complexity and rapid changes, JNC will live up to our customers’ expectations by taking full advantage of our knowledge, technology, and talented employees.

JNC Group promotes business activities for “Creating joy with chemistry” for all of our customers. We deeply appreciate your continuing support.