Production Technology

Aiming to establish innovative production technology

Isomerization technology

Using JNC’s unique isomerization reaction technology, highly selective production of cis/trans isomers has become possible. Various alicyclic compounds with high isomer ratios exhibit characteristic physical properties that are distinct from mixtures.

Process technology development; compact flow

Compact flow is a continuous flow process that uses microfluidic channels, and is excellent in instantaneous mixing, high-speed heat exchange, precise reaction time control, and interface control. In recent years, it is expected to be a highly efficient, high quality, and safe manufacturing method. Since the entire equipment is compact, efficiency is improved by on-site manufacturing as a container plant.

JNC is improving manufacturing methods for existing products and developing manufacturing processes for new materials. We also design container plants jointly with JNC Engineering Co., Ltd.

Facility management

The safe and stable operation of facilities leads to environmental conservation, occupational safety and health, and quality assurance. For this reason, facility management to reduce losses and risks and prevent problems arising from facilities is of critical importance. We are pursuing the enhancement of operations by introducing IoT, AI, and other new technologies to the approaches of preventive maintenance for conducting periodic inspection and repairs, predictive maintenance for detecting signs of abnormalities, and corrective maintenance for responding to problems and preventing recurrence.
We have made our facilities even more reliable by utilizing facility maintenance management systems while working to raise our maintenance skills.

Training of production engineers and passing on technologies.

We conduct company-wide training programs including basic training on manufacturing; education on the environment, safety, and quality; chemical engineering education; and engineering training for the purpose of training production engineers and passing on technologies.
In recent years, with the goal of raising problem-solving skills through data analysis as part of digital innovation, we have engaged in resolving worksite problems through quality engineering education, as well as in training data scientists, in an effort to raise the data handling skills of our employees.