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Fiber Research Center

Realization of dreams through unlimited technological innovation

The fiber business of JNC Group was the first company to launch a number of new products into the marketplace through developments in manufacturing and processing technologies of polypropylene fibers.
Our proprietary thermo-bondable composite fiber is an innovative product allowing the manufacture of nonwoven fabrics by heat treatment, and we have winning the technical award from The Society of Fiber Science and Technology of Japan in 1980.
The textile finishing products such as nonwoven fabrics, developed by a combination of thermo-bondable fibers and processing technologies, are highly regarded for their excellent performance and have been used for hygienic goods such as disposable diapers, industrial materials such as filters and separators and various applications all over the world.

However, our Company is never satisfied with the advanced technologies that have created the thermo-bondable fibers.
In the Fiber Research Center, we are working on our top-priority theme of developing fiber products and textile finishing products to which a variety of functions can be added in order to realize a more comfortable life for our customers and the demands of the next generation.
Moreover, we are concentrating our efforts on improving the existing products and technical services in order to quickly satisfy the various diversified markets and customer needs.
We will create new products by continually evolving our established technologies and developing innovative technologies beyond the boundaries of the conventional fibers for the next generation.

Main R&D Products

Thermo-bondable bi-component fiber, Bi-component melt-blown nonwovens, Through-air nonwovens, Electret nanofibers

Fiber Research Center Map

Address 230, Kawada-cho, Moriyama, Shiga 524-0001
Phone +81-77-582-3575
FAX +81-77-583-5876
Access 15 minutes by taxi from JR Moriyama Station