Energy and the Environment

Power Generation

The core business of JNC has transitioned since our foundation in 1906, but the main energy source in Minamata Factory has consistently been electric power from our hydroelectric power plant. We have carefully maintained and managed the hydroelectric power plant, which is a valuable property, for over 100 years by taking long-term measures against aging facilities. We established the Electric Power Business Division in 2013, and have promoted business based on hydroelectric power generation. Our company will take advantage of operation and management technologies cultivated so far to contribute to realizing a sustainable society, by a stable supply of clean energy.

  • Hydroelectric Power Generation
  • Photovoltaic Power Generation

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The lithium-ion battery has become a major technology that supports portable electronic devices, and has also supported the exponential growth of electric cars in recent years. Our company engages in joint development of high-capacity, long-life anode materials which serve as lithium-ion battery materials which are indispensable for realizing a 5G society.

  • Anode material

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Environmental Conservation

The Reactor Bio-System is a natural purificatin method utilizing the microbial action of bacteria living in the soil.
This method can treat wastewater with high BOD concentrations without dilution; controls odors; and generates materials that can be turned into fertilizer, enabling its use as a renewable resource.

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