Organic Silicon Products

Silaplane™ (Reactive Silicones)

Silaplane™ is a poly-siloxane macromonomer with reactive functional groups in which the molecular weight is highly controlled by JNC’s advanced silicon technology.

By incorporating Silaplane™, the diversified properties of silicone can be imparted into various resins including acrylic and urethane resins.

Silaplane™ is used in a wide range of fields of medical materials such as contact lenses, electronic materials such as heat control materials, automotive-related coatings, construction materials and the like, and plays an active role in creating high value-added products.

Sila-Ace™ (Silane Coupling Agents)

Sila-Ace™ is a silane coupling agent, which has functional groups in the molecule that react with organic materials such as resins and inorganic materials such as metals and glass.

The use of Sila-Ace™ improves and enhances properties such as water resistance, heat resistance, and adhesion without compromising the properties of both organic and inorganic materials. Taking advantage of these features, Sila-Ace™ is used in many fields, including coatings, adhesives, semiconductor encapsulants, printed circuit boards and rubber.

Sila-Ace™ is growing in importance as an indispensable material for the advancement of information technology, communications, electric vehicles and fuel-efficient tires.


Our proprietary silanes include alkoxy silanes and silazanes which are widely used in the field of surface modifying agents of inorganic materials, resin modifiers, electronic materials, etc.

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