Power Generation

Hydroelectric Power Generation

Hydroelectric power generation is an environmentally friendly energy source with significantly low emission of greenhouse gas that causes global warming. Japan is a country with poor natural resources, but water is one of our plentiful resources capable of producing valuable, purely domestic energy.

JNC has consistently engaged in production using clean energy since our foundation in 1906. We have overcome a number of hardship such as typhoons, floods and earthquakes, and currently continue to own 13 hydroelectric power plants in the Kyushu area. We will take advantage of operation and management technologies that we have cultivated for over 100 years to contribute to reducing the environmental load on society by supplying stable clean energy.

Photovoltaic Power Generation

JNC believes that it is important to take advantage of our accumulated knowledge and experiences related to power generation to contribute to reducing the environmental load. We are also working on power generation systems other than our core business of hydroelectric power generation, and currently own 4 photovoltaic power plants.

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