Notification of Additional Installment of CLEAL®CP Filter Production Facilities (Moriyama-shi, Shiga)

JNC CORPORATION (CEO & President Yasuyuki Gotoh, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) announces the additional installment of CLEAL®CP Filter production facilities in the Moriyama Plant of our subsidiary, JNC FILTER Co., Ltd. (President: Shunichi Koshio, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo).

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JNC FILTER Co., Ltd. has decided to install a new production line in the CP Filter Plant of the Moriyama Plant in order to meet the highly growing demands in Japan, Europe and America.  Currently, two production lines are in operation in the CP Filter Plant of the Moriyama Plant, and this installment of the new production line will increase the production capacity by 1.5 times.


The CLEAL®CP Filter manufactured by JNC FILTER Co., Ltd. is used for industrial applications such as paints, ink and automobile coatings, and electronic applications such as lithium-ion batteries and CMP materials.

The main material of the CLEAL®CP Filter is a nonwoven fabric formed of polypropylene/polyethylene (PP/PE) bicomponent fibers manufactured by JNC FILTER Co., Ltd.  The PP/PE fibers are fused with each other by heating to form a stable three-dimensional structure (Note 1).

This characteristic prevents a change in the behavior of the filter during filtration, and the stabilized filtration pressure prevents clogging, making the filter suitable for filtering solutions with relatively high viscosity, such as paints.


Three types of filters are produced in the CP Filter Plant: CP Filter (Note 2), CPH Filter (Note 2) and GF Filter (Note 2), and the same three types of filters will be produced by the new production line.

We will use the advantage of our integrated production system of polyolefin, raw stock, non-woven fabrics and filters to promote further global expansion as well as expansion in Japan.



230 Kawata-cho, Moriyama-shi, Shiga


400 million yen


CLEAL®CP Filter, CLEAL®CPH Filter, CLEAL®GF Filter

Start of construction work

August 2019 (scheduled)

Start of business service

June 2020 (scheduled)


[Contact Information]

03-3243-6370 General Affairs Dept., JNC CORPORATION

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