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Antibody purification affinity chromatography

Cellufine SPA-HC


Cellufine hydrophobic resin for antibody purification

Cellufine Phenyl EX

Hydrophobic Interaction (Cellufine MAX)

Cellufine MAX Phenyl / Cellufine MAX Phenyl LS

Cellufine MAX Butyl

Ideal for purifying pneumococcal vaccines

Cellufine MAX Butyl HS

Ideal for purifying pneumococcal vaccines

Cellufine MAX Q-hv

Cellufine Mini-Column

Cellufine SPA-HC

Cellufine Sulfate

Cellufine MAX DexS-HbP / Cellufine MAX DexS-VirS

Cellufine ET clean L / Cellufine ET clean S

Cellufine Phosphate

Celufine Phenyl EX

Cellufine MAX Butyl / MAX Butyl HS / MAX Phenyl / MAX Phenyl LS

Cellufine A-200/A-500/A-800/C-500/Q-500/S-500

Cellufine MAX S-r, S-h/ GS/Q-r, Q-h, Q-hv/CM/DEAE

Cellufine MAX IB

Cellufine GH-25

Super Edge Mini Column

Empty Mini Column

Custom Resin Development Services

JNC offers a custom resin development service for optimization of current products to meet stringent or enhanced performance working directly with large and small customers. In addition, JNC also offers custom resin development services to support new applications of JNC resins.

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