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Cellufine ET clean

SO PY Vol PP TI AU Gel target
BioPharm International 2005 Jan. 50-57 Affinity Chromatography Removes Endotoxins(Porous cellulose beads impregnated with poly(e-lysine) are a selective packing to purify protein solutions.)
Ivars B.,Masayo S.,Chuichi H.,Masashi K.,Yoshihisa Y.,Minoru N.,Masami T., ET-Clean LPS
American Biotechnology Laboratory 2002 Jan. 36-38 Removal of endotoxin from protein solution using poly(e-lysine)-immobilized cellulose beads
Sakata, M., Todokoro, M., and Hirayama, C. ET-Clean LPS
2002 25(4) 601-614 PORE-SIZE CONTROLLED AND POLY(-LYSINE)-IMMOBILIZED CELLULOSE SPHERICAL PARTICLES FOR REMOVAL OF LIPOPOLYSACCHARIDES Masami Todokoro; Masayo Sakata; Satoshi Matama; Masashi Kunitake; Kunio Ohkuma; Chuichi Hirayama ET-Clean LPS

Custom Resin Development Services

JNC offers a custom resin development service for optimization of current products to meet stringent or enhanced performance working directly with large and small customers. In addition, JNC also offers custom resin development services to support new applications of JNC resins.

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