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This site introduce various column concerning downstream chromatography process of bio medicine. In this site introduce such as purification technique of monoclonal antibody, vaccine, gene, virus vector and so on. You will be able to use these technique for the idea of your downstream process construction with Cellufine products.

Purification of monoclonal antibody from CHO culture supernatant with Cellufine products

Monoclonal antibody derived from CHO cell culture supernatant with three step chromatography. Cellufine SPA-HC, Cellufine MAX Q-h and Cellufine MAX GS were employed in this experiment.

Efficient mAb purification process using CellufineTM cellulose base chromatography media

In most downstream monoclonal antibody (mAb) purification processes, initial Protein A capture is usually followed by two polishing steps such as CEX and AEX. Here, we propose an improved polishing workflow by directly combining two flow-through chromatography steps (FT-FT mode).

Two step purification of monoclonal antibodies with Cellufine Affinity and Mixed Mode Chromatography Resins

In this column, we introduce the two steps purification method using protein A chromatography and Cellufine MAX IB as a polishing process. By efficiently combining capture and polishing it is possible to purify a mAb in a cost-effective workflow with minimal time spent moving between the two chromatography modes.

Purification of Human Coronavirus hOC43 with Cellufine Sulfate

Cellufine Sulfate has a well-known experience in virus purification. βcoronavirus hCoV OC43, which contains the causative virus of COVID-19, was highly purified with Cellufine Sulfate. Cellufine Sulfate is a chromatography resin effective in the purification of βcoronavirus.

Development of the grade

Development of the grade according to demand of a customer (inquiry)

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