Introduction of new products under development

How to request products under development

New products under final stages of development are introduced in this page. The overall final quality of the Cellufine chromatography media developed by JNC will be guaranteed by ISO 9001. New products in development are subject to change are not sold as final products. We are willing to provide a small amount of material for development feedback by the customer evaluating the product. For pharmaceutical companies, diagnostics companies or other manufacturing companies and researchers who would like to evaluate these new Cellufine products in development for manufacturing process, we will provide samples those who consent to the above limitations of a product in development. Please contact the following for sample requests.

Introduction of new cellulose resin MLP1000

Cellulose resin MLP1000 is a next-generation chromatography resin with a large pore size that overturns conventional wisdom. Its large pores allow giant biomolecules such as virus to diffuse into the pores. Conventional chromatography resin have poor pressure resistance when the pores are large enough to enter virus particles, making it difficult to use in large process columns. However, the cellulose resin MLP1000 has extremely high pressure resistance and can be used in large process columns. It has the optimum pore size for purification of new modalities such as inactivated vaccines with large particle sizes, mRNA drugs, gene therapy vectors, and exosomes.
As an example of its application, we introduce an example of purification of influenza virus using MLP1000 DexS resin immobilized with dextran sulfate as a ligand.

Trypsin immobilized resin for insulin production

This is an enzyme bioreactor resin in which recombinant trypsin used for insulin production has been immobilized on cellulose particles. Since trypsin is covalently bound to cellulose particles, trypsin activity is much more stable than free trypsin. From this feature, it can be expected to reduce the manufacturing cost by repeated use of trypsin digestion.

Cellufine™ MAX AminoButyl

Cellufine™ MAX AminoButyl has been developed for concentration of molecules having strong hydrophobicity such as VLPs (virus like particles). Cellufine MAX Amino Butyl is designed based on optimized Cellufine MAX Butyl to improve recovery of target molecules.

Custom Resin Development Services

JNC offers a custom resin development service for optimization of current products to meet stringent or enhanced performance working directly with large and small customers. In addition, JNC also offers custom resin development services to support new applications of JNC resins.

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