Introduction of developed products

How to handle developed products

Developing products are introduced in this page. The quality of the Cellufine which are chromatography media are guaranteed by ISO 9001, but the quality of these products are subject to change as they are under development. These products are not sold. We provide a small amount of samples as a developing product. For pharmaceutical companies, diagnostics companies or other manufacturing companies and researchers who would like to handle these products for manufacturing process, we will provide samples those who consenting to above fact. Please contact the following for sample requests.

r-Trypsin immobilized resin for insulin production

This is an enzyme immobilized resin which recombinant trypsin used for insulin production is immobilized on cellulose particles. Since trypsin is covalently bound to cellulose particles, trypsin activity is much more stable than free trypsin. From this feature, it can be expected to reduce the manufacturing cost by repeated use of trypsin digestion.

Cellufine™ MAX AminoButyl

Cellufine™ MAX AminoButyl is developed mainly for concentration of molecules havingstrong hydrophobicity such as VLPs (virus like particles). Cellufine MAX AminoButyl isdesigned on the basis of optimized Cellufine MAX Butyl to improve recovery of targetmolecules.

Development of the grade

Development of the grade according to demand of a customer (inquiry)

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