R&D/Production Technology

A Pioneer of Japan's Chemical Industry

Research and Development

Today and Beyond

Shitagau Noguchi, known as the “Father of the Electrochemical Industry of Japan,” always read the flow of the times and launched technologies and products that responded to the perceived needs. His pioneering sprit still lives here at JNC.
He was the first in the world to successfully produce synthetic ammonia using the Casale process in 1923 and began production of vinyl chloride resin in 1941.
He was constantly a leader in Japan’s chemistry industry by being the first to produce octanol, DOP, high-level chemical fertilizer and super high purity metallic silicon, among other innovative products.
To respond to the needs of the ever diversifying and developing society, we will focus on the research and development of technologies for “information-based society,” “fossil fuel resource shortages and global warming,” and “enriching the living environment.”
We will maintain our resolve to contribute to society and to continue research and development in hopes of realizing our dreams.

Production Technology

Increasing International Competitiveness

To hone our international competitive strengths, we are focused on strengthening our production technology through the company’s “Reinforcement of JNC Technology” activity.
Our activity has two goals.
First is to create innovative production technologies to raise productivity by a large margin and second, to accelerate creation of new businesses through cooperation with Corporate R&D and the Production Technology Department.