JNC's oxo technology

JNC's technology, generated through oxo reaction using propylene as the raw material, develops a variety of oxo derivatives.
The accumulated technology has been shifted flexibly from mass production to development of high-performance materials with a high-mix low-volume production in respond to the times.

To develop intermediates and derivatives for new materials and peripheral oxo technologies, oxo bench plant was set up at Ichihara Factory. High-pressure oxo reactions and hydrogenation reaction is available at the plant.

When you are considering the development of new materials through reactions using CO and H2 gas, we aim to support your business through our technology.

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Application example of oxo reaction

①Oxo reaction of terminal olefin

Field of

  • Oil and various

②Oxo reaction of internal olefins

③Oxo reaction of olefins containing acetal groups

Field of

  • Lubricating oil
    additive, etc.
  • Intermediates of
    various materials