Contract Manufacturing

Introduction to Contract Synthesis and
Refining Businesses

Do you need more synthesis, manufacturing, and purification man-hours for your products?
JNC offers contract research, process development, and contract manufacturing services.
We assist development of your new materials to increase efficiency and speed up development
by applying the experience, knowledge, and technologies that JNC has cultivated over many years.

Many years of experience and quality control systems based on the best practices

  • We have experience and knowledge cultivated through the development and manufacturing technologies of functional materials and electronic information materials in JNC’s core businesses of liquid crystals, organic light emitting diodes (OLED), and printed electronics (inkjet materials).
  • We have quality control systems that comply with ISO9001 standards and various environmental procurement standards.

Flexible response to customers’ requirements

  • We are capable of synthesizing materials developed by customers in small quantities or a wide variety of materials in small quantities according to your requirements.
  • We contribute to the expansion of your corporate value in a variety of ways, including scale-up of production of materials developed by your company and OEM manufacturing.

Speed and efficiency through our know-how

  • JNC’s experience, knowledge, and technologies strengthen your new material development in terms of efficiency and speed.
  • We support you with a comprehensive system developed through our performance products business which covers purchasing management, including raw material procurement from cost-competitive regions, import/export logistics management, and quality assurance cultivated through our functional materials business.

Business Overview

We offer a wide range of services from the small-lot prototyping of development products to the manufacture of finished products. Based on our accumulated experience in the fields of functional materials and pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates, we deliver the requested compounds in a timely manner.

Minamata Factory

  • At the Minamata factory, liquid crystal compounds have been developed and manufactured since the 1970s applying a variety of chemical reactions such as Grignard, cross-coupling, and Wittig reactions, which have been extended to the production of new-generation functional materials such as OLEDs.
  • The Minamata factory runs on carbon-free power generated by 13 hydroelectric power plants in Kumamoto, Miyazaki, and Kagoshima prefectures as our energy source. JNC’s 13 hydroelectric power plants have been renewed over the past 10 years in order to provide a stable supply of carbon-free electricity at the Minamata factory for the next 100 years.

Tobata Plant

  • We have extensive knowledge and experience in the production of polymer materials such as alignment materials and transparent overcoating materials for LCDs, especially polyamic acid and polyester-amic acid.
  • We have high-viscosity reactors installed in a clean room, suitable for the manufacturing of high-performance materials.

Ichihara Factory

  • We have great experience in high-pressure reactions. We are capable of handling gases that are generally challenging to manage, such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide.
  • We have the top share in the Japanese market in aldehydes and their derivatives, which are produced by an oxo reaction (the insertion of a formyl group into an unsaturated bond).

Service Variations

We offer various types of synthetic reactions and purifications on a consignment basis, according to customers’ requirements.

  • You can choose the production system and process you require, from small-lot lab-scale prototyping to full-scale production (max. 10m3).
  • We are especially capable of producing high purity compounds using Grignard, cross-coupling and Wittig reactions.
  • We have a series of special equipment designated for oxo reactions using hydrogen and carbon monoxide from lab-scale to 50 L scale.
  • We are experienced in the production of various products such as liquid crystals, OLED compounds, functional polymers, and possess crystallizers of various sizes and column chromatography technique for reducing metal residues.
  • We have reactor vessels for high-viscosity products installed in clean rooms that are suitable for electronic materials. Please feel free to entrust us with production of your high-purity and high-viscosity products.
  • We are capable of quality control in accordance with ISO9001 and other standards.

Contract research

For customers who find it difficult to secure the number of hours needed to search for new compounds or to obtain the quantity of samples required to confirm their physical properties, our skilled researchers will undertake development studies and small-volume syntheses.

Process development

For customers seeking further process development times and facilities to scale-up developed products, our staff have extensive experience in process development and manufacturing of the functional materials and can take care of everything from process development to the study of synthesis routes suitable for mass production.

Contract manufacturing and refining

Are you finding it difficult to secure facilities for the expansion of your business? We are ready to support you through contract manufacturing of your marketed products. We can also undertake parts of the full process, such as support for the refining process for impurity reduction and improvement of chemical purity.

We provide professional support for ISO9001 compliance, customer audits, etc.

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