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Oxo alcohol is used for manufacturing plasticizers, as well as synthetic resins of coating materials and adhesives, and is used in a wide range of applications to contribute to creating our comfortable lifestyles. The solvents are used for coating materials for automobiles and construction materials, and add color and beauty to various scenes in our lives.

Emulsion paints and adhesives

CS-12 exhibits excellent performance as a film-forming aid for emulsion paints and adhesives.
CS-16 is used as a plasticizer which serves as a raw material for polyvinyl chloride paste products for wallpaper and flooring.

Synthetic organic materials and Aroma Chemicals

The synthetic organic materials of JNC CORPORATION are used in various fields such as electronic materials, resins, pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals. We have developed various aroma chemicals such as green-note type fragrances by using our unique organic synthetic technology. They are used in a wide range of fields in our lifestyles, from fragrances for cosmetics, toiletries, aromatic products and the like, to flavors for foods, refreshments, and the like.

Polyvinyl Formal Resins(VINYLEC)

Vinylec is used worldwide as varnish for enamel wires.
It has been used over many years for its features such as superior mechanical strength, ease of reproduction of a cured coating, and excellent chemical resistance such as water resistance.
In addition, Vinylec is widely used as a special adhesive such as a structure adhesive, aircraft adhesive and glass fiber binder, and also as a special coating.

Development products(Raw materials)

Here are some of the products we are developing.Please contact us to discuss your requirements, including similar compounds.Our development staff will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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