Measures against Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

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JNC is implementing the following measures to prevent infection within and outside the company and to ensure the safety of our corporate members, in response to the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We sincerely ask for your understanding.

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Active implementation of staggered commuting hours by using the flex-time system, etc. and working from home.

◇Business Trips

Domestic business trips: consider postponement, etc. if the trip requires prolonged travel.                                       Overseas business trips: trips to China, certain regions of Korea, Italy and Iran are prohibited.                                  Consider postponement, etc. of nonessential and non-urgent matters concerning trips to other countries.

◇Meetings, Seminars, Events

Use teleconferencing etc. for communication and meetings, etc. between offices, and make decisions based on urgency and importance.                                       Make decisions in the same manner regarding participation in exhibitions, seminars, etc. where a large number of people gather.

◇To Visitors

We ask you to cooperate in using alcohol-based disinfectants and wearing masks.

◇Implementation of Measures to Prevent Infection

We implement wearing masks, practicing respiratory hygiene, frequent hand-washing with soap and running water, gargling, and using alcohol-based disinfectants.                                  We take preventive action for stopping the spread of infection, placing priority in the safety of everyone involved including our corporate members and customers, while determining our own policies based on the government policy and action plan and implementing them. The above are measures as of this moment, and we will implement necessary measures in response to new situations.                                    We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences during this period, and ask for your understanding and cooperation.


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