Notification of Start of Business Service of Hydraulic Power Station(Miyazaki / Takachiho Power Station)

JNC CORPORATION (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO & President: Yasuyuki Gotoh) announces the completion of renovation of the hydraulic power station owned by JNC in Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki, and its new start of business service.

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JNC Group regards the environment and energy group as an important business domain. We own hydraulic power stations (total maximum output of 96,200 kW) in 13 places and photovoltaic power stations (total maximum output of 16,000 kW) in 4 places in Japan for developing the power generation business using renewable energy.


All of our hydraulic power stations adopt a "run-of-river type" system.  In this system, foreign matters are removed from river water, the water is guided via a channel into a head tank and dropped through a penstock to turn a water turbine for generating electricity.  Since the run-of-river type hydraulic power generation does not require a large-scale dam, it is friendly to the environment, has low carbon dioxide emission and provides precious, purely domestically-produced energy.


Among the hydraulic power stations undergoing large-scale renovation since 2013, the Takachiho Power Station has started business service.  This is the sixth station undergoing large-scale renovation to start business service.  By renewing the water turbines and generators to high-efficiency equipment, the maximum output was increased by 1,600 kW (about 13%) while keeping the approved water intake amount.  JNC will take advantage of the power generation technologies cultivated so far to contribute to the society by supplying stable energy in future years with consideration for the environment.


<Outline of Takachiho Power Station>

(1)   Location

Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki

(2)   Maximum output

Before renovation

12,800 kW

After renovation

14,400 kW (annual power generation amount for about 21,000 houses)

(3)   Investment

About 3.9 billion yen

(4)   Start of construction work

August 2014

(5)   Start of business service

May 1, 2019