Conclusion of License Agreement with Japan Material Technologies Corporation on Double-decker Silsesquioxane for Low-dielectric, High Heat-Resistant Resin

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JNC CORPORATION (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO & President: Keizo Yamada) is pleased to announce that a license agreement on double-decker silsesquioxane for low-dielectric, high heat-resistant resin has been concluded with Japan Material Technologies Corporation (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Founder & CEO: Koyu Urata, hereinafter "Japan Material Technologies").

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The license concerns a monomer having a basic structure of a double-decker silsesquioxaneNote 1) originally developed by JNC (hereinafter "the monomer"), and polyimide resin and epoxy resin in which the monomer is used.

Since the monomer is bifunctional, a cage-type silsesquioxaneNote 2) can be incorporated into the main chain of the polymer, and it is expected to lead to the development of low-dielectric, high heat-resistant resins.

JNC grants licensing for manufacturing and sales of the monomer, etc. to Japan Material Technologies, and will continue to contribute to the development of new materials used in the display field and optoelectronics field.

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