Notification of Commencement of Sales of Conductive Ink

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JNC CORPORATION (head office: Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO & President: Yasuyuki Gotoh) announces that our member company NISSHO CORPORATION (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tatsunori Irie) will commence full-scale sales of "Circuit Scribe," a conductive ink pen and circuit experiments kit, in February.


The conductive ink pen and circuit experiments kit is a product developed by the American company Electroninks (Austin, Texas, U.S.A, CEO: Brett Walker).  A pen filled with aqueous, non-toxic conductive ink is used to draw lines on a notebook or memo paper to create a circuit that conducts electricity.

Nissho has entered into a sole agency contract in Japan with Electroninks, and will commence sales of a Japanese version of the product Circuit Scribe in February.  We are considering expansion of sales through online shopping sites such as  The conductive ink pen and circuit experiments kit (school teaching material) mainly targets 8 to 16-year olds, and aims to be selected as a teaching material in school classrooms.  We are currently making contact with agents that handle school teaching materials, and plan sales expansion by being adopted by schools all over Japan.


In the education field, programming education will become a required subject in 2020. Based on such a background, there is an increasing need for circuit learning, AI, robots, IoT products, etc.  Our company will take advantage of the product technologies and business models cultivated so far to enthusiastically grasp and work with the development of products in the new education field.