Notice of Completion of Display Technology Center in Taiwan

JNC CORPORATION (CEO & President: Yasuyuki Gotoh, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) announces the completion of construction of the "Display Technology Center" that had been under way in "JNC TAIWAN CO., LTD.", our subsidiary in Taiwan.


JNC Group regards research & development, manufacturing and selling of liquid crystal materials which are essential to a highly information-oriented society as the core business of our company, and supplies liquid crystal materials to liquid crystal display manufacturers worldwide.  Liquid crystal materials made by JNC are used for products familiar to our lives, such as liquid crystal televisions, smartphones and tablet PCs.


JNC Group has started production of liquid crystal materials in Taiwan since 2006.  We have built the "Display Technology Center" within the plant site in Taiwan.  For the purpose of enhancing our technology development function, we integrated our "liquid crystal composition development function" from the past with the "display evaluation function" developed by our member company.  The "Display Technology Center" will use knowledge and know-how accumulated by JNC to reproduce the evaluation method and process requirements of our customers, in order to optimize liquid crystal display-related materials including liquid crystal materials, and provide technical support in a wide range of processes including proposal of usage requirements for the materials.  These functions are unique to JNC Group and belong only to the "Display Technology Center".


With the completion of the "Display Technology Center," we aim to further improve our services by proposing speedy, high-precision materials and optimal processes.




<Outline of Facility>

(1) Corporate name


(2) Name of building

Display Technology Center

(3) Location

Tainan city, Taiwan

(4) Start of design

May 2016

(5) Completion of construction

May 2017



<Reference: other sites of JNC's liquid crystal business>

(1) Production sites





Minamata Factory (Minamata, Kumamoto)

Ichihara Factory (Ichihara, Chiba)

Tobata Plant (Kita-Kyushu, Fukuoka)  Hyeongok Factory (Korea), Tainan Factory (Taiwan)

Suzhou Factory (China)

(2) Technical Service Centers



Ichihara Research Center (Ichihara, Chiba)

Seoul Technical Service Center (Korea)

Suzhou Technical Service Center (China)



View of Display Technology Center in Taiwan