Notice of Change in Brand Name of Cultural Medium Sheet for Detecting Microorganisms from "Sanita-kun®" to "MC-Media Pad™"

JNC CORPORATION (head office: Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO & President: Yasuyuki Gotoh) announces the change in the brand name of the product for the cultural medium sheet for detecting microorganisms in order to strengthen overseas development and expand business.


In recent years, the international trade of materials, pre-processed goods and finished products in the food industry field has become active, and attention has been focused on "Reliability" and "Safety" of food than ever.  The cultural medium sheet for detecting microorganisms is used for detecting existence of microorganisms in food etc., and easily counting the number of bacteria.  In Japan, HACCP will shortly become mandatory, and the demand for a simple medium, including JNC's sheet medium, to replace the conventional agar medium has been on the rise.


Under such a market background, JNC will use a standardized brand name in countries and regions all over the world in order to respond to the international trade in the food industry field, and aim to establish the brand name of the product with global reliability.  "MC-Media Pad™" stands for "Microorganism-Count Media Pad."

From a sales perspective, we will consider forming partnerships with global enterprises to expand sales outside of Japan.  At the same time, we aim to improve reliability by obtaining various international certificates and expanding product lineup, and we will contribute to an even better "Reliability" and "Safety" of food.



New package of cultural medium sheet for detecting microorganisms “MC-Media Pad™”