Notice of Installation of Large-Scale Liquid Crystal Blending Facilities in China

JNC CORPORATION (CEO & President: Yasuyuki Gotoh, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) announces the decision to install large-scale blending facilities in the liquid crystal blending plant of our member company "JNC LIQUID CRYSTAL MATERIAL (Suzhou) Co., Ltd."


JNC Group regards research & development, manufacturing and selling of liquid crystal materials which are essential to a highly information-oriented society as the core business of our company, and supplies liquid crystal materials to liquid crystal manufacturers worldwide.  Liquid crystal materials made by JNC are used for products familiar to our lives, such as liquid crystal televisions, smartphones and tablet PCs.


Currently, new and additional production lines for liquid crystal displays are being planned by various companies in China, and China is expected to become the top country in the production volume of liquid crystal displays.  Accordingly, the demand for liquid crystal display components in China is expected to show significant growth.  JNC will install large-scale blending facilities in the liquid crystal blending plant completed this year in Suzhou, China in order to meet the demands of our customers.


In JNC Group, liquid crystal compounds are manufactured in Minamata Factory (Kumamoto), and the compounds are blended in three locations: Ichihara Factory, Tainan Plant and Suzhou Plant to produce liquid crystal compositions for displays.  The development of large-scale blending technology has already been established, and installation of the equipment has been completed in Ichihara Factory and Tainan Plant.


With the installation of the large-scale blending facilities in China, we have decided to install large-scale blending facilities in all of our production sites in order to increase production efficiency of liquid crystals, improve production cost and prepare a stable supply for all of our customers.


Construction will start in November 2016, and completion of the facilities is expected to be May 2017.  We aim to further improve our services and expand business by installing large-scale production facilities for liquid crystal materials in China, where rising demand can be expected.


<Outline of Plant>

(1) Corporate Name


(2) Location

Gaoxin District, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

(3) Representative

President: Tetsuya Matsushita

(4) Commencement of Operation

March 2016


<Reference: other locations of JNC liquid crystal business>

(1) Production sites






Minamata Factory (Minamata, Kumamoto)

Ichihara Factory (Ichihara, Chiba)

Tobata Plant (Kitakyushu, Fukuoka)

Tainan Plant (Taiwan)

Suzhou Plant (China)

(2) Technical Service Centers




Ichihara Research Center (Ichihara, Chiba)

Seoul Technical Center (Korea)

Suzhou Technical Center (China)