Notification of Photovoltaic Power Station Construction Work

JNC CORPORATION (CEO & President: Michio Morita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has decided to execute the following construction work for a photovoltaic power station as a new business expansion.


JNC Group's core business includes manufacturing, selling and developing liquid crystal materials and organic EL materials which contribute to the progress of a highly information-oriented society.  Meanwhile, we also regard the environment and energy groups as an important business domain for developing the hydraulic power generation business having run-of-river type hydraulic power stations (total maximum output of 93,200 kW) in 13 places in the Kyushu area, and the business of manufacturing and selling members for lithium-ion secondary batteries, and so forth.


Furthermore, we have started the photovoltaic power generation business in Ichihara City, Chiba, and Moriyama City, Shiga since last year.  We have now decided to newly construct a photovoltaic power station having about 2.6 MW on our Corporation residence site in Minamata City, Kumamoto.  We will advance the construction work with sufficient consideration for the peripheral environment.


While the social demands for renewable energy increasingly grows, our Corporation will take advantage of the power generation technologies cultivated so far to develop business activities with consideration for the natural environment and regional communities, and will contribute to the society by supplying stable clean energy in future years.


<Outline of Business >

(1) Power station (location)

Hachiman Solar Power Station (Hachimancho, Minamata City, Kumamoto)

(2) Site area

About 30,000 m2

(3) Power generation capacity

About 2.6 MW (annual power generation amount for about 800 ordinary homes)

(4) Investment

About 700 million Yen

(5) Start of construction work

March 2014 (planned)

(6) Completion of construction work

December 2014 (planned)