JNC will participate in the 24th FINETECH JAPAN.

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Continuously-evolving flat-panel displays.  They are the theme of FINETECH JAPAN, in which our Company will participate, where the newest technologies in the industry are collectively exhibited from production apparatus, parts and materials required for the development and production to the newest displays such as touch panels and Organic Electro-Luminescence.  Visitors are expected to reach 60,000 (organizer's plan).

From our Company, Corporate Research and Development Division, Electronic Components Division, Electronics & IT Materials Department, Precise Fabricated Materials Department, Battery Materials Department, and JNC FILTERS CORPORATION will introduce our technologies in the JNC booth.

On the first day, April 16, we will introduce our technologies under the theme "Research and Development in JNC" in the "Exhibitors Products and Technology Seminar."

We look forward to your visit.

The event outline is as described below.

<Booth Exhibition>

 Time and date:   April 16 (Wednesday) to April 18 (Friday) 2014, 10:00 to 18:00 (ends at 17:00 on the final day)

 Place:                 Tokyo Big Site

                           Our Company's booth: East 6 Hall 6-46 (parts and materials zone).


<Exhibitors Products and Technology Seminar>

Time and date:   April 16 (Wednesday) 2014, 13:40 to 14:40

Place:                 Tokyo Big Site, East 5 Hall, Seminar Hall B

Theme:               Research and Development in JNC

                            - Introduction of technologies for highly-durable coating films and radiating materials

                            (thermal diffusion sheets, radiation coating materials) -