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General Industry

Usage Filters for recommended
Aluminum rolling CPHVWCHW
Automobiles CPBag FilterMINI Filter
Window sashes CPVW
Various plating CP2BMPFVW
Alumite treatment CPCPH
Bearings CP
Water jets CP2
Resin coatings CPBMPF
Service water CP2Bag Filter
Various washing water CPCP2CPHBMPFVWBag Filter


Usage Filters for recommended
Automobiles (Electro-deposition) CP
Automobiles (Middle coating and top coating) CPCPHBM
Automobile repair CP
Industrial coatings CPBag Filter
Woodwork coatings CP
Newspaper inks CPHCHWBag Filter
Gravure inks CPBag Filter
Pigments CP
Colorants PFCPBM
Solvent types CPCPHCHWBM
Aqueous emulsions CPBM
Alcohols PFCP
Hydrocarbons CPCPHCHW
Aromatics CPHCHW
Esters CPCPH
Oils and fats CPCPH
Surfactants PFCP
Higher alcohols and plasticizers CP
Vinyl chloride sol solutions CP
Synthetic rubber solutions CPCPH
Silicon type coating agents PFBM
Iron chloride CPVW
Caustic soda CPVW
Sodium hypochlorite PFCPVW
Plating liquids CPBMVW


Usage Filters for recommended
Potable water PFBMCP2VWCPH
Green tea and oolong tea PFBMCP2CPH
Coffee CP2BMPF
Soft drinks CP2BM
Nutrition supplement drinks PFBMCPHCP2
Distilled liquor and spirits CP2PF
Whiskey PFBMCP2
Liqueur CPHPF
Sweet cooking wine PFCP2
Soy sauce CP2CPH
Cooking oils PFBMCPH
Food Stocks, Seasonings and soups PFBMCP2
Vinegar BMCP
Flavoring and food additives CP2BMPFVW
Isomerized sugar syrup and grape sugar PFBM
Brewing water CP2BMPFVW
Air vents PF
Waste water PFBMCP2
De-chlorination STEM type-III


Usage Filters for recommended
Pure water PFCP2BM
Optical fiber CP2BMVWPF
Optical films CP2CPHPF
Printed-circuit boards CP2BMVW
Shadow masks CP2VW
Lead frames CP2BMVW
Electrolyzed copper foils CP2BMVW
Ceramic capacitors (slurry) CPBM
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