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Cellufine ET clean

SO PY Vol PP TI AU Gel target
BioPharm International 2005 Jan. 50-57 Affinity Chromatography Removes Endotoxins(Porous cellulose beads impregnated with poly(e-lysine) are a selective packing to purify protein solutions.)
Ivars B.,Masayo S.,Chuichi H.,Masashi K.,Yoshihisa Y.,Minoru N.,Masami T., ET-Clean LPS
American Biotechnology Laboratory 2002 Jan. 36-38 Removal of endotoxin from protein solution using poly(e-lysine)-immobilized cellulose beads
Sakata, M., Todokoro, M., and Hirayama, C. ET-Clean LPS
2002 25(4) 601-614 PORE-SIZE CONTROLLED AND POLY(-LYSINE)-IMMOBILIZED CELLULOSE SPHERICAL PARTICLES FOR REMOVAL OF LIPOPOLYSACCHARIDES Masami Todokoro; Masayo Sakata; Satoshi Matama; Masashi Kunitake; Kunio Ohkuma; Chuichi Hirayama ET-Clean LPS

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