Immobilized Metal Affinity
Chromatography Media
Cellufine™ Chelate

For purification of proteins with surface Histidine, Cysteine, or Tryptophan Residues.

Cellufine Chelate is based on porous, spherical, crosslinked cellulose beads and has been specifically optimized for metal affinity chromatography. It offers high capacity and good flow rate properties in large industrial columns. The cellulose backbone offers very low non-specific adsorption and the covalent bonding of iminodiacetic acid ensures ligand stability.

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Adsorption and desorption mechanism of Cellufine Chelate.


Beads matrices Cross-linked cellulose
particle size Ca. 120 – 210 μm
ligand iminodiacetic acid
Adsorption capacity Zn2+ 22 – 30 μmol/ml
Cu2+ 35 – 45 μmol/ml

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