Research and Development

Leading the Way to the Next-Generation

A Pioneering spirit in the cultivation of energy, electronics and quality of life for the next-generation

JNC Corporation, as a pioneer of the chemical industry of Japan, has created products and technologies meeting the needs of the times since its foundation in 1906.
Today, JNC Research and Development has continued this spirit by continually created cutting-edge products such as "ES fiber," a thermobondable composite fiber, "MEISTER," a controlled-release fertilizer and "Lixon," a liquid crystal material for displays.
Currently, where an industrial revolution is requiring a change from conventional energy to environmentally-friendly energy and energy conservation, the duties imposed upon research and development are not only to enrich our lives but also to manufacture products and create technologies in harmony with the environment and the Earth.
We are working on these duties through concentrated efforts in research and development by taking advantage of technologies and experiences which have been cultivated throughout our history.
We are striving to create technologies and businesses early on, by cooperating within our company but also cooperating with universities, public institutions and business enterprises.
We are focused on the following three fields:

Making Use of Advanced Technology that Won the Nobel Prize

The “Suzuki-Miyaura coupling reaction and Negishi response,” which was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, is widely used in our company for the development and production of liquid crystal and organic EL compounds.
We are aiming for the optimization of the reaction requirements and an increase in productivity and have achieved stable production of liquid crystal compounds.
We aim to continue optimization of the reaction requirements to further reduce the environmental burden as well as lowering the production cost.

The Mission of Research and Development

1. New energy technologies and products in response to exhaustible fossil fuels and global warming (materials for secondary batteries, materials for solar cells and the like)
2. Electronic materials for realizing an advanced information society (liquid crystal materials, materials for organic EL, materials for electronics and semiconductors and the like)
3. Life chemical technologies and products for enriching daily life (inspection and diagnostic business, water-treatment systems, precise filter business, agriculture technologies and the like)
In the future, the world will require an increased diversification and sophistication level of technologies.
JNC will respond to this need by creatively developing new technologies and businesses through a diversified communication and collaboration strategy.
This strategy includes inter-personal, inter-group and larger inter-organizational communication and collaboration.
We have inherited the genes of a "pioneer spirit" for the 21st century and every researcher has an acute awareness of their responsibility for this social contribution and we will carry out research and development towards the realization of these dreams along with our customers.