Research and Development Centers

Minamata Research Center

Innovation of production technology, creation of new materials and new technology

Minamata is the birthplace of JNC Corporation, founded over 100 years ago, originally focused on carbide business using electricity by constructing hydraulic power stations in the beautiful South Kyushu Island of Japan.
Minamata Research Center is convenient for visiting customers in Korea, Taiwan and China, requiring only about one hour from Tokyo to Hakata by means of the new Kyushu Bullet Train.
The Minamata Research Center supports JNC business departments and corporate R&D efforts as well as a having focused efforts in the creation of environmental and energy-related materials and businesses.
These include the innovation and cost reduction of production technologies and the development of materials for lithium-ion batteries.
Other technologies Minamata is focused on include:

  • Organic silicone compounds and reactive silicone compounds
  • Aroma chemicals
  • Raw material for medicines

Minamata is working to develop new processes by implementing bench-scale facilities equipped with small-sized to medium-sized reaction equipment, concentration, crystallization and distillation equipment made from glass lined, stainless steel and micro-reactor equipment for data collection and scale-up.
As a corporation, we are focused on developing products for electronic materials. Furthermore, we are working to develop an environment-friendly plant cultivation system capable of reducing the amount of water, fertilizers and pesticides compared to the conventional system.
Minamata's analytical research group supports all research fields across JNC Corporation in cooperation with the analytical group at JNC's Ichihara Research Center.

Main R&D Products

Organic Silicon Materials, Reactive Silicon Materials, Aroma Chemicals, Raw Materials for Medicines, Soilless Cultivation Systems

Minamata Research Center Map

Address 1-1, Noguchi-cho, Minamata, Kumamoto 867-8501
TEL +81-966-63-2116
FAX +81-966-62-1230
Access 1-minute walk from Minamata Station on the Hisatsu Orange Railway
15 minutes by taxi from Shin-minamata Station on the JR Kyushu Shinkanse