About Us, Purchasing & Logistics Department

We JNC Group’s Purchasing & Logistics Department execute our operations according to a basic policy bellow, adhering to a law as well as our company regulations, and being based on the mutual understanding and trust with suppliers.

Basic Policy

A Global point of view and Partnership

We always try to build a good partnership with each supplier and wish to have relationship with partners both domestic and overseas.

A Clear and Fair Trade

We try to disclose our information appropriately concerning purchasing term (price, deadline etc), characters of goods we ask for(specifications, quality, efficiency etc) and so on. And We make a fair choice , no matter how large or small the companies are, nationalities, and considering collectively every supplier’s reliability, technical development skill, and supply ability.

As a Responsible Company

Observing our corporate compliance, We act in accordance with a law and our company regulations.
Furthermore, for the promotion of our CSR Activity, we are prior to materials or services being paid close attention to environment, safety, and quality, and for continuing to afford valuable products to society, we stably purchase at a proper price level.

Logistics Quality and Safety

We try to decrease greenhouse gases through a promotion of a logistics improvement, like “Modal-Shift”.
And as we make manuals for our products to handle them safely,we secure safety and quality of logistics by the education necessary to them.

Constitution of Purchasing & Logistics Department

This Department consists of three groups.

Initiative Regarding Conflict Minerals

Among the minerals (tantalum, tin, gold, tungsten) and derivatives thereof (hereinafter, referred to as "conflict minerals") mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo and its neighboring countries, some serve as the source of funds for armed groups who repeatedly engage in conflicts and inhumane acts. This has become an object of social concern all over the world.
JNC Group recognizes that these conflict minerals are an important issue in the procurement process, and we will aim to make our supply chain more transparent by working in cooperation with our business partners. In the case where usage of the conflict minerals is found, we will immediately take measures for discontinuing their usage, and make efforts to establish our responsible procurement.