MEISTER and NUTRICOTE are the coated granular fertilizer with specialty polymer composition to control the segment release very strictly for the just fit application to the crops growing.
There are so many release patterns available and fine adjustment is possible by the combination of them.
Full necessary amount of MEISTER application for the whole growth of rice with rice seeds in a nursery box provide easiest and most effective fertilization to obtain good harvest of high quality rice, avoiding environmental pollution by fertilizer.
We are the leading company in this field, preparing and expanding the coated fertilizer market.
The fertilizer is mainly used for rice growing but also used for many kinds of plants, such as crops, vegetables, turfs, fruits and trees.


IBDU is slow-release nitrogen fertilizer produced by condensation reaction of urea and isobutylaldehyde.
CDU is Slow-release nitrogen fertilizer produced by condensation reaction of urea and acetaldehyde, featured by slow nitrogen release as the result of bio-degradation, increase of useful bacteria in soil providing better Bacteria/Fang ratio and coagulation of soil providing the high air ventilation and good water through-flow and proper amount of water holding.
UBER is the degradation speed controlled CDU, which blush up those features.

Compound Fertilizers

These fertilizers include high amount of basic three components, N,P,K in good balance and readily taken by crops.
So, those are commonly used very convenient and useful fertilizers.
We are the first manufacturer of these fertilizers in Japan and has contributed to the improvement of crop harvest and the development of agriculture.

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