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Sila-Ace(Silane Coupling Agents)

Sila-Ace is a silane coupling agent of JNC, which has, in its molecule, a functional group that reacts with organic materials such as resin, and a functional group that reacts with inorganic materials such as metal and glass.
Use of Sila-Ace achieves improvement and enhancement of properties such as water resistance, heat resistance and adhesiveness without detriment to properties of both the organic and the inorganic materials. By taking advantage of such features, Sila-Ace is used in a great number of fields such as paints, adhesives, sealants for semiconductors, printed circuit boards and rubber.
Expectation for Sila-Ace continues to grow as an indispensable material for advancement of information and communications and widespread use of electric vehicles and fuel-efficient tires.

Silaplane(Reactive Silicones)

Silaplane is a poly-siloxane macromonomer with a reactive organic group at a terminal, in which the molecular weight is highly controlled by JNC’s living polymerization technology.
The diversified properties of silicone can be imparted by incorporating Silaplane into various resins, including acrylic resin and urethane resin.
Silaplane is used in a wide range of fields of medical materials such as contact lenses, electronic materials such as heat control materials, automotive-related members, construction materials and the like, and plays an active role in creating high value-added products.

Potting resins LED encapsukation

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is widely used due to its high luminous efficiency, long service life, and so on. It is used in a wide range of applications, such as general lighting, special lighting, automotive headlights, internal and external light sources for vehicles, backlights for displays and flashlights for cameras, and high-performance LEDs are constantly being developed. JNC's sealants for LEDs are sealing materials based on a polysilsesquioxane material that has a characteristic structure originally developed by the company. Our sealants have the capability of maintaining a high level of light transmittance or reflectance because they develop little discoloration even on exposure to high temperatures, and high reliability of developing less cracks caused by heat or light. Moreover, the sealant is capable of improving light extraction efficiency. JNC provides sealants optimum for LEDs with high output and high brightness.

Carbonyl fluoride (COF2)

“Reduction of Green House Gas (GHG)” is necessary as one of the countermeasures against global warming. Although CO2 or methane in the atmosphere is also one of the causes of global warming, GHG has very high Global Warming Potential (GWP), which has a large greenhouse effect.
JNC promotes commercialization study of COF2 having low GWP, as an alternative of the Green House Gas with high GWP (for example, CF4, C2F6, SF6, NF3), which is used for etching and chamber cleaning in the manufacturing process of semiconductors, displays, solar cells and the like.
Currently, COF2 produced at the pilot facility (capacity: 100 ton/Y) is well-received by semiconductor and display manufacturers as a cleaning or etching gas, and some of them have adopted our product on an examination basis

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