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Polylysine (Natural food preservative)

Polylysine is a natural food preservative manufactured by JNC CORPORATION with the use of bio-technology.
This naturally occurring substance is a chain polymer of the "essential amino acid" L-lysine, a protein that is essential for human health and development.
The product is characterized by is superior safety and growth-inhibiting power on pathogenic bacteria releasing toxins in food and causing food decay.
Polylysine has a potent preservative effect even in minor doses and does therefore not affect the taste qualities of the food it protects from decay.
We have a full range of polylysine food preservatives to improve the storage life of various foods.


CELLUFINE (Chromatography Media)

Cellufine is the liquid chromatography media for the purification of proteins, enzymes and other bio-active substance.
Since it is made from spherical cellulose particles having high chemical stability, high mechanical strength and bio-compatibility, it is suitable for the production in Bio-pharmaceutical industry.
And the leaking from this matrix is much less than that from the synthetic polymer media.
Many grades of Cellufine are lined up from Gel Filtration, Ion Exchanger, Affinity and Hydrophobic Interaction chromatography in order to purify target molecules to requested specifications.
In addition, we can provide custom made grades corresponding to user's requests, such as affinity media with a designated ligand.



Diagnostic kit series introducing our own biotechnology are used in various applications, depending on the situations, easily, promptly and safely.
"MC-Media Pad", a microorganisms detecting material, does not need a long period of preparation, with which everybody detects microorganisms easily, the results are almost equivalent to the conventional detection limit and displays really its ability in quality inspection and health control.


Animal diagnostics (Drug for animal in Japan)

JNC CORPORATION manufactures diagnostic test kits for the detection of antibodies against the diseases in ruminants and swine.
The principle of assay is based on ELISA(Enzyme Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay).
The ELISA is one of the most sensitive and reproducible diagnostic technologies available.
We take advantage of those merits, we developed CSFV Ab ELISA kit (for anti Classical Swine Fever Virus antibody detection), Akabane Ab ELISA kit (for anti AkabaneVirus antibody detection), BLV Ab ELISA kit (for anti Bovine LeukemiaVirus antibody detection) and Bovine Brucella Ab ELISA kit (for anti Bovine Brucella antibody detection).
These products are rapid, easy handling, accurate and sensitive animal diagnostic kits.


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