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Octanol is used as a main raw material for general-purpose plasticizers for resin products, e.g. polyvinyl chloride, or and butanol is a raw material for acrylic acid esters used for producing paints and inks or adhesives and synthetic resins.
The application is wide-ranging to contribute to creating our comfortable life styles.



The solvents manufactured by JNC CORPORATION are used for automobiles and buildings and add color and beauty to our lives.
Ester solvents, in particular, are known for their subdued odor and their environment-friendliness as they do not increase the ozone concentration.


Additives for paints and adhesives, or plasticizers for polyvinyl chloride paste products

CS-12 achieves the excellent performance as a film-forming agent for emulsion paints and adhesives.
CS-16 is used as a wallpaper or flooring plasticizer to be a raw material for polyvinyl chloride paste products.


Synthetic organic materials

The synthetic organic materials of JNC CORPORATION have been used to manufacture products in various fields for a long period of time.
Not only for industrial use such as Electronic Components, medical products, resins, films and dye, but also as food additives, our products have contributed to the daily life of all customers.


Aroma Chemicals

We have wide range of aroma chemicals for flavor and fragrance industries.
We have developed Leaf Aldehyde, its derivatives and others.
These are used in a wide range of everyday life scenarios from cosmetic and toiletry fragrances to refreshment drink flavors.


Polyvinyl Formal Resins(VINYLEC)

Vinylec is made by saponifying and formalizing polyvinylacetate which is obtained by polymerizing vinylacetate monomer.
Main uses of Vinylec are electrical insulation for magnet wires, binder for carbon fibers, etc.


Sila-Ace(Silane Coupling Agent)

Silane coupling agents bond inorganic materials such as metals and glass and organic materials such as resins together without detriment to their specific properties.
In the electronics field, they come into their own as molding compounds to protect IC chips and as electrical insulants for printed circuit boards.
They are also used in the construction and building industry on articifical marble that graces the prestige hotel or office building or for bath tubs that provide a luxurious comfort and relaxation.


Silaplane(Reactive Silicone)

JNC CORPORATION's reactive silicones are poly-siloxane macromonomers developed with the benefit of anion living synthesis techniques.
The unique properties of silicone can be imparted to this product through a process involving its incorporation into various resins such as acrylic and urethane.
The product comes into its own in the creation of products with a higher value-added content covering areas such as the medical, cosmetic, special ink, and articifical leather fields.


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