Novel Removing and Cleaning Agent, Conclusion of License Agreement with German Enterprise

March 13, 2013

 JNC Corporation (President: Michio Morita, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has concluded a license agreement related to production and sales of a new removing and cleaning agent used in processes for producing electronics products such as flat panel displays, semiconductors and electronic substrates with bubbles & beyond GmbH (CEO: Mr. Christian Römlein , Head Office: Germany).

 So far, strong acids, strong alkalis or organic solvents have been used for most removing and cleaning agents, which are difficult to handle and are occasionally harmful to th e natural environment. However, products friendly to the environment are desired owing to a rise in environmental protection awareness in recent years.

 The removing and cleaning agent of b&b GmbH is an environment-friendly aqueous product with excellent removing performance, having a unique feature of penetrating into adhesion interfaces and removing materials by physical action rather than removing the materials by chemically dissolving them. Moreover, this product does not dissolve the removed substances, and thus the removed substances can be easily separated from the removing and cleaning solution after the removal, resulting in excellent reusability.

 JNC and b&b GmbH have advanced development and user exploitation into the electronics field for this product from May 2011, and needs for this product have been confirmed. Accordi ngly, at this time, we will accelerate the effort towards commercialization. From now on, we will start sales in order from the applications whose evaluations by the customers are confirmed, and expand the range within the Asian regions in the future.

 Our Company aims at creating a next-generation new business which is to become the new support of our business by evaluating the Electronics and IT Materials field and the Environ ment and Energy field as business domains. In the electronics and IT materials market, an expectation for clean technology is on the rise, thus we will advance technical develop ment and market development of the removing and cleaning agents to expand our business domain.