Operation Test of dual-axis PV Tracker System

March 11, 2013

 Chiba Fine Chemical Co. Ltd. of Ichihara, Chiba Japan (CEO Mr. Chiku), a subsidiary company of JNC Corporation of Tokyo, Japan (CEO Mr. Morita) will start an ope rational test of the QBotix dual-axis PV tracker system in April 2013.

 In order strengthen its "Energy and Environment" business portfolio, JNC Corporation is conducting hydroelectric power generation business in Kyusyu and business development of core materials used in lithium ion battery materials for automotive and household storage applications.

 The importance of photovoltaics (PVs) is steeply increasing; there is a recent growing interest in and demand for renewable energy.
  JNC reached an agreement with QBotix of Menlo Park, CA USA (CEO Dr. Wasiq Bokhari) in which JNC will conduct the operational test of the QBotix dual-axis PV tracker system at its Ichihara Factory in Ichihara, Chiba Japan. This will be the first deployment of the QBotix system in Japan.

 The QBotix system is very unique and advanced, developed by QBotix by applying its cutting-edge robotic technology, in which 1 robot moves a multiple of PV trackers one by one in order to obtain the highest sun light irradiation.

 The major objectives of the operational test are to evaluate and confirm the QBotix system suitability to the Japanese climate and its electricity generation efficiency in the Japanese environment. It is expected that the system can generate 1.4 times greater electricity in comparison to a traditional PV system, allowing for higher flexibility of solar electricity selling prices.

About QBotix:
 Based in Menlo Park, CA, QBotix employs distributed robotics to significantly increase the economics and improve the capabilities of the solar industry, www.qbotix.com.