Launch of Full-Scale Sales of Trichophyton Detection Kits

June 02, 2011
NISSHO Co., Ltd.

 JNC Corporation (the manufacturer) and NISSHO Co., Ltd. (the selling agency, head office: Kanda Suda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Muneo Asami) will launch full-scale sales of "Trichophyton detection kits" which can determine the presence or absence of Trichophyton, a major cause of athlete's foot, in 5 to 15 minutes.

 The Trichophyton detection kits are novel and not made by any other company, and are commercialized according to an immunochromatography method by utilizing findings obtained from a joint research and development between Fukui University, National University Corporation, and JNC Corporation. The kits will be provided for ten times test application (10,000 Yen before-tax price) and single test application (1,200 Yen before-tax price) for human use, and ten times test application (10,000 Yen before-tax price) for animal use.

 The number of athlete's foot patients is believed to reach 25 million only within the country, and the presence of a number of patients is presumed also in countries other than Japan.

 According to the conventional method, a part of skin or nail taken from an affected area is treated with a medicinal solution, then, the Trichophyton is detected by using a microscope. Therefore, much time is required and furthermore the detection is believed to be difficult even by a medical specialist. On the other hand, in the present kit, a part of skin or nail of the affected area is put into an extracting solution and a test paper is exposed into it, purple lines appear on the test paper in 5 to 15 minutes if the Trichophyton is present, and thus the presence or absence of Trichophyton can be determined. Moreover, correlation with the observation results by the microscope is also excellent, and the Trichophyton can be detected simply and in a short time. (The test results were presented in the 22nd World Congress of Dermatology in May, 2011.)

 Our corporate group produces and sells liquid crystals and high performance electronics and IT materials such as organic EL materials. On the other hand, we also produce and sell unique life chemicals products such as "Sanita-kun" which is a cultural medium sheet for detecting microorganisms in food and environments, or in vitro diagnostic medicinal drugs for animals such as cattle and swine.

 NISSHO Co., Ltd., who is in charge of the commercial group of JNC Corporation, will sell the Trichophyton detection kits mainly for domestic and international researchers, medical doctors and veterinarians centering on mail-order sales on the Internet. The Company has already been selling cosmetics on the Internet (, and thus aims at selling twenty thousand test portions by utilizing these channels during the initial fiscal year.

* This product is a test reagent for detection and not an in vitro diagnostic medical drug.

When infection caused by Trichophyton is suspected, seeking diagnosis by a medical specialist is recommended.