In Cooperation with Employees

Creation of Work Environment leading to Job Satisfaction

Human Rights and Labor Practices Committee

In JNC Group, CSR Committee was inaugurated in April 2013, and “Human Rights and Labor Practice Committee” started from the latter half in the 2013 fiscal year to support the human rights and labor practices which are the core of the activities, and the second meeting of the Committee was held in the first half in the 2014 fiscal year. In addition to the current human resources system, we will provide the themes of human rights and labor practices to promote education on human rights and creation of friendly workplaces, etc. We believe that contribution to society leads to the sustainable development of the Company.

We will introduce part of the current action in the JNC Group.

Creation of friendly working environments

JNC Group strives to create friendly working environments so that the corporate members can satisfy both job and home and fully develop their ability.

Promotion of utilization of paid time-off

JNC Group takes action for planned provision of annual paid holidays (annual paid time-off) and setup of annual paid time-off utilization promotion period , etc.

◇Performance of annual time-off utilization in 2013; about 71% (total corporate members) (management level; about 67%)

Moreover, we provide the annual paid time-off utilization promotion period from the 2013 fiscal year, mainly in the early-May holiday season and the Bon Festival period to promote utilization of combined time-off. When the status of annual time-off utilization during the promotion period in the Bon Festival period in the 2013 fiscal year is compared with the period in the 2013 fiscal year in which no such setting was made, the ratio of annual paid time-off utilization increases by about 20% as a whole (an increase by about 7% in the ratio of the corporate members who utilized all time-off during the annual paid time-off utilization period in the ratios), and a predetermined effect could be confirmed. We will apply various measures hereinafter, and take action for creating a working environment under which the corporate members can easily utilize the annual paid time-off.

Work-life balance

We introduce the Child Care and Family Care Leave System so that corporate members can satisfy both work and home life to engage in corporate affairs without anxiety. In particular, with regard to Child Care Leave, the ratio of corporate women members who utilize Child Care Leave reaches nearly 100%, and the return ratio after completion of Child Care Leave reaches almost 100%. Therefore, we consider that the working environment is established in which corporate members can easily utilize Child Care Leave and can also continuously work after returning from leave. We will make an effort to create a working environment where not only Child Care Leave but also Family Care Leave can be easily utilized. We also introduce the flextime system under which corporate members can work efficiently while they harmonize their life and corporate affairs.

Reserve paid time-off system

The annual paid time-off that remained before the preceding fiscal year and expired can be reserved up to 40 days in one-day units. The purposes of use are expanded to injuries and diseases of the self, nursing of children or family care, volunteer activities and further regional community contribution activities. The feature of this system is that the reserve paid time-off may be used with priority to the ordinary annual paid time-off, if the purposes of use are satisfied.

Versatility of employment

JNC Group activelyrecruits excellent human resources, regardless of gender, nationality, or the like. Among new employees in the past 10 years, the percentage of women is about 14% on average. On the other hand, the average in the last 5 years is on an increasing trend, about 17.3%, and we are gradually expanding the percentage of women and putting their ability to use. The percentage of women in new employees in the fiscal 2014 was about 22.2%. Moreover, with regard to reemployment of retired persons, we will consult and discuss with the Labor Union the introduction of a wage system which gives job satisfaction and a highly flexible working system so that employees can pursue corporate affairs with high motivation. Further, with regard to employment of handicapped persons, the range of entrepreneurs applicable for the physically handicapped levy system will be expanded from the 2016 fiscal year. JNC Group will not only observe the legal employment ratio specified by “Handicapped Person's Employment Promotion Law, but also take action for employment activities aiming at improving the employment ratio.

Career formation support

The 2014 fiscal year is the the second year in the full-scale implementation of themid-term management plan “NC-SCRUM.” We are implementing full-scale activities by expanding the ongoing “study improvement” into “renovation of human resources development plans” in accord with the first year in which the human resources policy was “human resources development matching with the business strategies”.

◇Specific activities:
(1)Effective review of the study systems
 (transfer from skill study to mind study)
(2)Trial of “global human resources development program”
Effective review of study systems

In light ot rapidly-changing markets and social situations, we started the “pre-examination study” this fiscal year for corporate members who will take the promotion examination, for the purpose of furnishing every one of the corporate members with a “mind” necessary for business society, such as “renovation,” “strategies” and “organizations.” We aim at learning “height of viewpoints” and “desired ability” through the study prior to the higher job function examination to ferment the “mind” required for the higher job function.

‹Scene of pre-examination study for promotion examinees›

Trial of “global human resources development program”

JNC Group is increasing production and sales sites all over the world, including rapidly growing Asian countries to further expand business development overseas. Therefore, we regard securement and development of human resources who can play a globally active role as essential to the sustainable development of the company, and prepare a curriculum for global human resources development and take action for early implementation of the study system.

Mental health care of corporate members

JNC Group introduces the trouble counseling window and the counseling system for the purpose of self-care based on “Guidelines for maintaining and promoting workers’ mental health ‘mental health guidelines)” published from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, in order to take action for achieving mental health of corporate members. In addition thereto, we introduce the rehabilitation service system for supporting the return to work for corporate members who are absent or taking leave of absence from the office due to mental diseases. Moreover, we establish the system under which the industrial doctors or medical staff follow up on a regular basis during the rehabilitation service period to further reinforce the backup. We will support the “mental health care” of corporate members by comprehensively establishing the systems matching each office.