Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance System

Fundamental Concept for Corporate Governance

Our Company and our Company Group, under the integrated governance as JNC Group, establish “Basic Policies on the Development of Internal Control Systems (excerpts)” as described below.
We deem that the maximization of corporate value is the fundamental objective of corporate governance, and strive to achieve quick decision-making and business execution and clarification of management responsibility.



System to ensure that the directors’ and employees’ performance of their duties comply with all laws, regulations and the articles of incorporation

Based on the Compliance Provisions, we will reinforce the compliance monitoring system, and simultaneously provide education on compliance for Directors, Executive Officers and employees.


Company rules and other systems relating to risk management of the company

We will develop the basic provisions relating to risk management to reinforce the risk management system for appropriate management of risk.


System to ensure the appropriateness of corporate affairs in the corporate group consisting of the company, its parent companies and subsidiaries

We will manage individual companies belonging to our Company Group according to the Affiliate Company Management Provisions, and apply the internal control system also to our Company Group to ensure appropriateness of corporate affairs.


System to ensure that the audits by Audit & Supervisory Board Members are effectively conducted

The members can attend important meetings of the Company in addition to the meetings of the Audit & Supervisory Board, and can give their opinions. Moreover, The members can request opinions from Accounting Auditors at any time, and can request necessary investigations, reports or the like from the Internal Audit Department, Directors, Executive Officers and employees.


Corporate Governance System Diagram