Compliance System

JNC Group regards compliance (compliance with laws and regulations, company rules, corporate ethics, and prevention of their violation) as an important matter in the corporate activities, and the CEO & President serves as the superintendent, and General Managers of JNC Group such as Department General Managers, Plant Managers, and Presidents of Affiliated Companies serve as persons responsible for implementation. We set up Compliance Committee, and establish the implementation system as shown in the following diagram.

Compliance System Diagram

Main Activities in Compliance Committee

The main activity in the Committee is to deliberate solutions and preventive measures against matters having compliance issues that are reported to the Committee through compliance self-audits conducted in each Department.
The instructions and orders from Compliance Committee are fed back to each General Manager of JNC Group, and the cases that have a risk of occurring in other Departments are notified to the entire group in order to prevent occurrence of violation in other Departments.
The Committee is held twice a year, in principle, but extraordinary session may be held depending on the importance and emergency in case of breakout of immediate cases so that necessary countermeasures may be instructed to enable early resolution.
Compliance Committee further undertakes penetration and full awareness of compliance to corporate members.
Specifically, specific check items have been added to the compliance self-audit questionnaire since the second half of the 2012 fiscal year to strengthen the check functions in each Department.
These specific check items are believed to be also useful in daily activities.
Moreover, the Committee performs activities for improving awareness of compliance in corporate members by preparing and distributing compliance guidebooks explaining the laws and regulations (Antimonopoly Law, Security Trade, Environment-Related Laws and Regulations, elimination of antisocial forces, or the like) which must be observed as a member of JNC Group, and Antimonopoly Law Compliance Manuals.

Adoption of “Fundamental Conduct Guidelines of Compliance”

The “Fundamental Conduct Guidelines of Compliance” has been adopted by Compliance Committee, which will be introduced below.


【Fundamental Conduct Guidelines of Compliance】

1. We will understand the laws and regulations to be observed by JNC Group.
2. We will correctly comprehend the content of the laws and regulations.
3. We will thoroughly establish, manage and enforce the company rules.
4. If we have any doubts regarding1. compliance, we will halt before proceeding.
5. We will report negative information without hesitation.


JNC Group is determined to promote further compliance through these activities.