Research and Development Centers

Ichihara Research Center

To further strengthen key technologies for the next generation

Ichihara Research Center, located in Ichihara, Chiba, Japan is the largest research facility within JNC Corporation, with a history of over 100 years.
Ichihara Research Center carries out research and development in four research laboratories, focused mainly on our major product lines:

・Liquid Crystal Display-related Materials
・Electronic & IT Materials
・Environmentally-friendly Energy Materials
・Production Technologies.

In the fields of liquid crystal materials and liquid crystal display-related materials, JNC holds a recognized worldwide leadership position and we continue to diligently develop next-generation leading-edge technologies.
We actively participate in leading international academic and industrial societies to further the latest chemical technologies and establish expanding markets.
We are working on the development of inkjet printed electronic materials which provide resource-savings, energy-savings and increased product design flexibility.
We are active in the development of next-generation environmentally-friendly energy materials and also the development of processing technologies for increased environmental protection inside and outside the company.

Main R&D Products

Liquid Crystals, Alignment Materials, Retardation Film, Organic EL, Printed Electronic Materials, Overcoat Materials, Photosensitive Spacer Materials, Long-fiber Glass Reinforced Thermoplastic Resins, High-Performance Functional Film, Polysilsesquioxane

Organic EL
Liquid Crystals
Printed Electronic Materials
High-Performance Functional film
Overcoat Materials

Ichihara Research Center Map


Address & Phone

5-1, Goikaigan, Ichihara, Chiba 290-8551

PHONE. +81-436-21-5111
FAX. +81-436-23-1143

Access to Ichihara Research Center

・12 minutes by taxi from JR Goi Station