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Organic EL Material

Organic light emitting diode (OLED) has been drawing greater attention as a next generation display device due to its potential advantages such as self-emitting, low power consumption, thin and lightweight features.
Actually OLED displays have already begun to be catching on from the mobile display market.
We are developing and supplying new quality OLED materials in order to meet demanding market needs.


Printed Electronics Materials

Based on technology and knowledge that are raised through developing photo sensitive material and polyimide material, JNC CORPORATION successfully has developed in making these materials into inks applicable to Inkjet Printing method.
Inkjet Printing method is notable production technology for next generation.
Our inks have unique properties as Inkjet applicable inks.
Photo sensitive inks are non solvent having advantages in thickening film.
Additionally various functional characteristics can be adopted on them.
Polyimide inks enable to realize thicker films with its higher solid content.
They are remarkable characteristics that conventional inks can not achieve.


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