2013 Beginning-of-the-year speech by President Michio Morita

January 04, 2013

New Year's greetings! We look forward to your goodwill in 2013.
The following is a beginning-of-the-year speech for 2013 given by President Michio Morita at the New Year celebration held this morning.


New Year's Greetings to everyone.

 2013 started with heavy snowfall in many regions across the country. I hope everyone had a good New Year.

At the beginning of each year I visit the Hikawa Shrine in Omiya to pray for peace in the upcoming year, though regrettably my prayers for 2012 were not answered concerning JNC group and moreover Japan as a whole. On a brighter note, after the change in administration this year, economic policies such as correction of the yen appreciation and an attempt to break away from deflation have been announced.

However, amidst a global drop in manufacturing demand, each country has entered a currency devaluation war for increasing export, and in an economy which has become globalized by TPP, EPA, and FTA, there is no easy way to make a breakaway from deflation. Under such circumstances, the advantage of manufacturing arts lies not only in cost competitiveness but also in the systematic accumulation of knowledge, technology, and talented personnel, with which our company is prepared.

Nonetheless, it is difficult to manufacture valuable goods, and so we shall advance one step at a time within our capabilities.

Nearly two years have passed since the start of our company. Our main goal is to provide a lineup of attractive products in order to strengthen our revenue base. We must progress step by step towards this goal.

Let's work together to make 2013 a fruitful year.