Formation of new company for sales and manufacturing of air-through nonwoven in Thailand

April 23, 2012

 JNC Corporation (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO Mr. Michio Morita, hereinafter "JNC") will establish a sales and manufacturing company of air-through nonwoven in Rayong, Thailand through its subsidiary, JNC Fibers Corporation.

 JNC has been producing bicomponent fibers and nonwoven fabrics thereof in Guangzhou, Guangdong province since 1995 and just started up a new nonwoven facility in Changshu, Jiangsu province since February this year to address increasing demand in Chinese hygiene market. There is the same trend in South East Asia due to high economic growth and there have been strong requests for JNC to invest in South East Asia from hygiene producers.

 JNC recognizes that South East Asia, India and Middle East markets are important and expects continuous growth. This new company has secured site that allows future expansion and will serve not only for South East Asia but also for India and Middle East.

 JNC, formally known as Chisso Corporation, is the first commercial producer of bicomponent fibers back in 1972 and its product family is well known as "ES Fibers". ES Fiber is a fiber made of two thermo-plastic polymers having different melting points. ES fiber can be converted into nonwoven by heating up without adhesives. Nonwoven fabrics made of ES Fiber are soft and are suitable for hygiene products such as baby diapers, wet wipes and fem care products. ES Fiber has been highly reputed by customers and is widely recognized as a brand name.

 JNC has a partnership with FiberVisions Corporation (USA) and is selling ES Fibers through ES FiberVisions, a sales joint venture of bicomponent fibers that plays worldwide. Indorama Ventures PLC (Thailand), the largest polyester producer in the world, acquired FiberVisions Corporation in January this year and has become a strategic partner for JNC. JNC expects to strengthen a partnership with Indorama Ventures PLC and will jointly grow businesses of ES Fiber and nonwovens.

Overview of new company
 Company name : JNC ES Nonwovens Thailand Co., Ltd.
 General manager : Yozo Shimomura
 Formation of the company : June, 2012
 Registered capital : 210 million THB
 Plant location: Amata City Industrial Estate, Rayong, Thailand
 Investor: JNC Fibers Corporation 100%
 Business scope: Sales and manufacture of air-through nonwovens
 Capacity : 4,800t/y

FiberVisions Corporation
FiberVisions is the largest producer of PP monocomponent fiber and headquarted in Georgia, USA and has manufacturing sites in the USA, Denmark, and China. FiberVisions and JNC have a partnership in ES FiberVisions joint venture for sales of bicomponent fibers worldwide since 2000.

Location of manufacturing sites and offices
Sales offices of bicomponent fibers
        ES FiberVisions Co.,Ltd. / Osaka, Japan
        ES FiberVisions Hong Kong Ltd./Hong Kong
        ES FiberVisions China Ltd. / Guangzhou, China
        ES FiberVisions ApS / Varde, Denmark
        ES FiberVisions LP / Georgia, USA

Manufacturing sites of bicomponent fibers
        JNC Fibers Corporation / Shiga, Japan
        Guangzhou ES Fibers Co.,Ltd. / Guangzhou, China
        FiberVisions A/S / Varde, Denmark
        FiberVisions Corporation / Georgia, USA
        ES FiberVisions Suzhou Co., Ltd. / Suzhou, China

Manufaturing sites of nonwoven
        JNC Fibers Corporation / Shiga, Japan
        Guangzhou ES Fibers Co.,Ltd. / Guangzhou, China
        Chisso ES Asia Co.,Ltd. / Changshu, China

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