Novel Removing and Cleaning Agents, Alliance with German Enterprise

May 26, 2011

 JNC CORPORATION will develop new removing and cleaning agents used in processes for producing electronics products such as flat panel displays, semiconductors and electronic substrates, in cooperation with bubbles & beyond GmbH (CEO: Mr. Christian Römlein, head office: Germany, hereinafter "b&b GmbH").

 So far, strong acids, strong alkalis or organic solvents have been used for most removing and cleaning agents, which are difficult to handle and are occasionally harmful to the natural environment. However, products friendly to the environment are desired owing to a rise in environmental protection awareness in recent years.

 Intelligent FluidsTM of b&b GmbH is an environment-friendly aqueous product with excellent removing performance, having a unique feature of penetrating into adhesion interfaces and removing materials by physical action rather than removing the materials by chemically dissolving them. Good performance has been demonstrated in various fields including cosmetics and medical treatment so far. The aim of the present alliance is to apply Intelligent FluidsTM in the electronics fields and to develop new customer needs.

 Both companies have concluded the joint development agreement on May 1, and will research customer needs and promote improvement in performance suited to these needs through a plan in the next one and a half years, followed by a start of market deployment of the new product. The Corporation will produce and sell the product in Asian countries in the future.

 The Corporation aims to create a next-generation business which will become a new pillar of the company by positioning the electronics & IT materials fields and environment & energy fields as a new business domain. Expectation for clean technologies has heightened in the markets of electronics & IT materials, and thus we will advance technology development and market deployment of the removing and cleaning agents to expand the business domains.


【Outline of b&b GmbH】
 (1) Corporate Name                         bubbles & beyond GmbH
 (2) Representative                            Mr. Christian Römlein, President & CEO
 (3) Address of the Principal Office     Karl-Heine-Strasse 99 D-04229 Leiptzig, Germany
 (4) Year of Foundation                      2006
 (5) Capital stock                                Not disclosed
 (6) Main Desctription of Business      Production and sales of cleaning agents (particularly for cosmetics
                                                           and medical treatment applications)
 (7) Sales                                            Not disclosed
 (8) Number of Employees                 14
 (9) Business Location                        Germany